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10 Ways India’s Farmer Protest is Celebrating Humanity (Part 1)

They’ve wounds on their feet, unflinching resolve in their eyes, and chants of Charhdi Kala on their lips. With their crops caught in a political hailstorm, India’s farmers are now sowing the seeds of a long-due revolution.

1. 250,000,000 Humans United

Business Insider reported in January that around 250 million people are part of the ongoing farmer protest in India. This includes the farmers and their supporters who have taken to the streets in India and protesting citizens across the world.

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2. 100 Days Strong

For how long can you forbid your cozy and safe indoors, to bite the dust in the streets and sleep on the footpaths? What’s your physical and psychological limit? I bet 80-year-olds with aged bodies have it harder. But they refuse to go back without a conclusive decision.

Image by The Wire

3. Trolley Times — The Farmer’s Newspaper

A farmer’s trolley carries the load of the harvest from the fields to the market. Now, it has been called to carry the plight of the fields to the people’s conscience.

4. Sahitya Chaupal — The Protest Library

The protest that bustles with aggression and enthusiasm, is also home to forward-looking thoughts and ideas. The Sahitya Chaupal library set up at the Singhu Border (protest site) is an example of this.

Photo by Hindustan Times.

5. The Women on the Frontlines

One of the most defining characteristics of the farmer protest is the strong participation of women. They’re not just a part of the protest, they’re on the frontlines.

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