Art by Baljinder Kaur.

Latest — March 21 marks the 114th Day of the farmer protest in India. There’s still a count to the few millions that sit, eat and pray each day on the National Highway skirting Delhi. But there’s no count to the painstaking sacrifices each protestor makes each day, without abandoning their humanity.

It’s no Guinness World record yet, but 300 people have lost their lives so far. #300DeathsAtProtest trended on Twitter on March 18th.

Continuing the two-part series on 10 Ways India’s Farmer Protest is Celebrating Humanity (Part 1), let’s see why the farmers and their families, deserve your…

Art by Baljinder Kaur.

They’ve wounds on their feet, unflinching resolve in their eyes, and chants of Charhdi Kala on their lips. With their crops caught in a political hailstorm, India’s farmers are now sowing the seeds of a long-due revolution.

After having braved the wrath of weather, have had comrades die in their arms, having labeled as terrorists, one would expect these thick-skinned men and women to turn bitter, right? That’s what is different about this protest. Rather than resorting to violence or crime, they’re sheltering the homeless and feeding the policemen. They’re persevering through the exile. …

The air around Blockchain is full of enigma.

Some assume it to be the next frontier of data security and privacy. While others think that it’s still nascent, and some totally regard it as a hoax.

Leaving the last claim, all others have significant reasons to exist. Blockchain is both, a vision of the future and a reality of today that needs more attention across the tech community because its benefits are tremendous.

Coming back to security, let’s see what makes Blockchain worth the security hype, what are the drawbacks and what it all means for the general user.


How are your podcast sales going?

It’s a tough question to answer, primarily because while there are a lot of podcasters, only a few are being able to convert their efforts into earnings.

Converting your podcast into a constant source of revenue is no easy task. Aside from working on the content and making it compelling enough, you’ll need to spend on creating a distribution service that brings revenue back to you.

While there’s a growing number of platforms on the internet that offer podcast monetization, they eat away a significant portion of your profit.

At the same time, you’ll…

Geeks love trying new things out and mess with technology. What’s more? They love telling about it to everyone. So, why not a podcast?

The idea of a tech podcast can seem wild at first but it can be as fun as a geeky conversation with your techie friend. The same excitement promised.

Podcasting is re-emerging as a popular means to get your voice out there and build a fanbase. …

Blockchain is the technology behind the much-hyped “Bitcoin” ( one of the many blockchain applications) which is trading at above 2,74,000 INR per BTC as of today.

What made it so huge? That’s still a mystery but the futuristic propositions provided by Blockchain are pretty serious.

In essence, it’s a system used to create databases with some unique features and revolutionary real-world potential use cases.

For instance, you might not know what “MySQL” is (another databasing system), but it currently powers more than 58% of websites on the web, even Ionizer. You don’t need to know about it because it…

While platforms like YouTube and Soundcloud have given powerful tools in the hands of independent music artists, they’ve also opened up the Pandora Box of content management issues.

The audio streaming industry is growing bigger each year, reaching nearly 255 million paid music streamers at the end of 2018. Nearly $8.9 billion worth of revenue was also generated in the same year through music streaming sales.

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