How to Write a Tech Podcast? Because Why Not!

Geeks love trying new things out and mess with technology. What’s more? They love telling about it to everyone. So, why not a podcast?

The idea of a tech podcast can seem wild at first but it can be as fun as a geeky conversation with your techie friend. The same excitement promised.

Podcasting is re-emerging as a popular means to get your voice out there and build a fanbase. If you’re a techie who likes to blog, you can definitely try out podcasting just like Marco Arment who is an iOS developer and now the host for one of the tech world’s most listened — the Accidental Tech Podcast.

They have merch too.

If you wish to follow suit, it would be natural to have doubts about how this podcast business works. A techie would be quick to figure out the technology and platform required to build their podcast, except what to speak about in it.

Hence, I thought of penning down this quick guide on how to write your tech podcast, so that you can hit the ground running with your own tech show!

Choosing a Format

Most podcasts follow a well-defined format that adds value to the speaker’s subject and line of thought. After going through some popular tech podcasts, here are the possible formats you can adopt.

  • Interviews — Invite renowned tech people to your show and discuss the hot topics in tech.
  • Latest In Tech — A roundup show where you talk about the latest happenings in tech with your enlightening opinion.
  • Tech Reviews — Reviewing gadgets to apps, and everything that deserves a review from you.
  • Geek Culture — A casual talk show about being a geek and discussing user queries about tech.
  • Productivity Hacks — Found a way to sync your Apple Watch and Windows PC? Let’s share it with the world!
  • Tech for the Layman — A generic tech show dedicated to demystifying technology for everyone.

You’re free to pick as many as you like and structure them in your script. Podcasts usually run for an excess of 30 minutes, therefore you have ample time to cover a range of topics.

You can also have the above formats as “segments” in your podcast in order to keep the listener engaged.

Bonus Idea: If you like doing tutorials, you can create an interactive tutorial podcast!

It could be anything tech but I suggest you do software tutorials as they’re easier to follow. Herein, you’ll walk through your tutorial with your laptop in your hand and let the listener follow your voice as they repeat it at their end.

This will add the next level of engagement in your podcast, and you’d already know that tutorials are a great opportunity for sponsor placements.

Building the Template

A podcast script doesn’t need to be a read-out manual; it can be as simple as a to-do list so that you can keep your thoughts organized. Here is a sample script template to kickstart your scripting process.

1. Introduction: A quirky one-liner about the podcast starting with your and the podcast’s name.

2. Opening Cover: A 15-second music mix that marks the opening of your podcast. (You can have a preview of your podcast mixed with music here)

3. Set it up: Use your powerful voice to set the tone of the episode. Give a quick rundown of what to expect with a necessary cliffhanger.

4. First Segment: Begin your first segment. Make it your shortest segment, covering 20% of your podcast.

5. Interlude: Insert a sponsor ad or a quick break here.

6. Second Segment: This is the core of your podcast. Make this the longest segment covering 50–70% of your podcast.

7. Outro: Give a quick roundup of the podcast, hitting the punches right.

8. Next Episode Pre-cap: Hint on what to expect in the next episode.

9. Closing Remarks: Thank everyone for tuning in. Tell them more places to find you at such as your Instagram handle.

10. Closing Cover: A quick melody to wrap up the show.

The above template is in no way the standard for writing a podcast script but just a ready-to-go template. You’re free to mould it as per your format, subject, and features. Use it as the source code!

Live Show

Live shows have become quite popular with listeners due to their transient nature and the scope of interaction with the audience. A very few people do live tech podcasts, which is the real opportunity.

Here are a few quick tips for a live tech podcast;

  • Take Queries — People are always bottled up with tech queries. You can use PodMiners to start a live broadcast and listeners can join you live using an auto-generated phone number!
  • Review a Product Life — Brands love sponsoring reviews for their products. Use TapInfluence to find a sponsor and go for a product review!
  • Host a Quick Contest — A quick tech riddle or pop quiz is great to get your listeners engaged. You can reveal the answers at the end of the show with a giveaway.
  • Announce it far and wide — Make sure you announce the upcoming live broadcast at least 2 weeks prior to all your social channels.
  • Rehearse Well — Live podcasts are prone to error, rehearse with your equipment well before starting.

Inspiration from the Best

Analog(ue): A podcast that explores the human side of digital life.

Clockwise: A round-table discussion on technology under 30 minutes.

Rocket: A female tech podcast that covers the geeky things, feminism and everything in-between.

This Week in Google: A roundup of the latest happenings at Google!

Mac Power Users : The name suggests it! A podcast for Mac lovers and geeks.


Unleash your tech knowledge and engage everyone who likes talking about technology.

The best podcast writers were always some people who were fiddling with the mic at first.

Don’t expect to become a pro with your first release but continue till you find the rhythm.

After all, a riveting tech conversation has a certain kind of excitement about it, and with a podcast of your own, you can share it with the world in your next episode!




Helping the truth on it’s way. Writer. Techie. Thinker.

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Virinder Sabharwal

Virinder Sabharwal

Helping the truth on it’s way. Writer. Techie. Thinker.

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